10 Ways to Survive the Writers’ Strike

retro-clipart-nothing-on-tv.jpgIf you’re a TV junkie like me, you’re probably already having the shakes over this writers’ strike! Well all is not lost. Here are a few ideas to keep you from going into withdrawals while you wait for your favorite shows to return (and they will return, I promise!)

1. Read books – you can buy them in antique stores and this place called Borders. They’re like TV shows because they have stories but not so many pictures. Just think closed-captioning and you’ll be fine.

2. Act out your favorite show with Barbie dolls – The fans of Supernatural have this down to a science with Plastic!Winchester Theater. Seriously, it’s better than Broadway.

3. Rent movies from Netflix!– There’s sixty plus years of movies to catch up on, now’s the time.

4. Write and read fan fiction – write the next episode or something totally wacky like the Friday Night Lights gang goes to the moon. Post your fiction at FanLib.com.

5. Help fold 1,000 cranes – fans of Heroes are working on this project as a show of support for the writers. You can get in on it HERE.

6. Meditation – hey, it could help.

7. Act out scripts for a podcast – gather your friends for this one and act out your favorite episode of your favorite show. You can do it over Skype, record it then upload the podcast for the world to enjoy!

8. Make a flip book – use a Post-it notepad and stick figures to draw your favorite TV series. Time consuming, but then, that’s the idea.

9. Learn to love reality TV – reality isn’t covered by the strike so it will flourish while episodic series’ wither and die. Here’s a blog to get you started.

10. Buy box sets of all your old favorite TV shows then program your “Ultimate TV Schedule” – why depend on network execs when you can build your own. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

* * * * * * *

Cynthia’s WGA Strike Filler Ultimate TV Schedule


Action Mondays: A-Team, followed by two episodes of Rat Patrol and then Season 2 of Dark Angel

Crime Time Tuesday: Simon & Simon, with Bones at 9:00 and Numb3rs at 10:00

Feel Good Weds: Two hours of Gilmore Girls followed by Partridge Family and Betwitched

Westerns Thurs: Alias Smith and Jones and Bonanza ending the night with Wild Wild West.

Freaky Friday: Supernatural, followed by Buffy and Torchwood
Cartoon Sat: Flintstones, Jetsons and a double dose of Family Guy!

SciFi Sun: Irwin Allen marathon, Lost in Space at 8:00 followed by Land of the Giants and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Now THAT’s a TV schedule!

**Need more to do? Read the Litemind Blog which gave me the idea for this blog post!


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